Aug 20 , 2019

Jute Bags For Daily Use

If you are here then you may be willing to spend some money on Eco-friendly jute bags for daily use right?

Well, you are in the right place, here you can get different types of jute bags for daily use in various designs which will provide you to choose your logo and design of your choice. 

Ok I agree that the above said may be familiar with other competitors but what makes us unique let's see.

In this post, you are going to know indeed what Jute Bags are, quality of jute, and types of jute before that please allow me to introduce a small introduction about Jute.

What is Jute?

Jute Bags For Daily Use

Jute is a natural fibre which is extracted from the bark of the jute vegetable plant.

You might be aware or might not be let me tell you that the fibre, which is soft, shiny is extracted from the natural bark of jute and it is the second most-produced strongest fibre in the world.

Like I said after the cotton jute is the second most-produced fibre in the world and the raw jute is also referred to as burlap or hessian.

Both the burlap or hessian can be blended with other fibres like synthetic and other materials and jute can be made into various things

Here are some examples

Types of jute 

Jute Fabric

Jute Fabric

Jute bag for daily life

Jute bag for daily life

That was some quick example of jute product, there are unlimited products which are exporting to different countries, so let’s dig into the product in detail which you are looking for.

Jute Bags

When it comes to more overwhelming than the lovely feel of getting appreciated for your accessories what it could be?

Handbags, carry bags, lunch bags, ornaments, etc it might be anything what if you need the excitement, branding and overwhelmed feeling from your customers or friends and neighbours.

Well then check this adorable jute handbags Click here

Our product is hassle-free jute bags for daily use and made of excellent fabric with a beautifully designed handle that gives you comfort to carry.

We believe in an affordable alternative for everyone, whether you are a dealer, retailer of small local business, you are guaranteed to find the jute bag you are looking for.

We have worked hard to source inexpensive, reusable and personalized hessian bags without compromising our ethical values.

If you are looking to start a wholesale business? 

No problem!  Like I said we are offering an affordable price on a wide range of bulk products for wholesale, dealers and distributors.

We are trusted suppliers of jute bags where we offer an eco-friendly and alternative to disposable shopping bags.

Just choose your logo or design and select the bag which you like and sit back and relax, Our team will take care of the remaining process safely until you receive your order.

You can use all our jute bags for Branding, gifting and shopping whit the name and logo of your choice.

Over 80 styles of promotional jute bags for daily use held at all time, along with our bespoke bag service for finding your perfect bags.

Our dedicated customer representatives team will be available 24/7 at your service, just click on the Contact us or fill the form and mail us our backend team will reach you as soon as possible.

We have loaded with endless product design service which will help you create the bag that you want and having with large UK stock of over a wide range of jute bags in stock which means that you’re bound to find that you like.

Here are some examples of how the jute product and fabric exports in all over the countries Wide range of jute export

Export of jute and jute goods

Export of jute and jute goods

Our teamwork to give one of the best quality with Eco-friendly bags which can be reused and it is environment-friendly to our clients.

Since most of our quality team never compromise to provide the finest quality and long-lasting in daily use jute bags.

We assure that our various types of jute bags will be very affordable in price with high quality as we promise.

We deal with different types of bags such as:

  • Calico / Cotton bags

Calico Bag, which is reusable bags, are made of heavy-duty of 140Gsm cotton and with natural colouring.

With a large screen print area with a long handle made from 100% cotton, they are durable, washable and reusable.

  • Jute bags / Hessian bags

As we mention above we deal with Eco-friendly Jute bags and this Jute / Hessian bags are made of natural premium fabric and long-lasting for daily use

Jute bag for daily use is so big enough for the biggest shops, it’s the most sold product for every business needs.

It has extra-long cotton web handles and it is completely safe laminated food grade, and it is mostly most used for branding companies for the perfect advertising.

  • Non-Woven bags 

Non-Woven bags are Biodegradable and can be burned without any toxic contaminants and when it comes to quality it is greater durability and reusable.

Here are the top 10 countries list which exports a wide range of jute fabric product.

top 10 countries list

It is the perfect and the compact-sized jute bags where you feel convenient, because of the laminated food grade which means 100% safe to use.

No one wants to use the plastic bags I mean why would any want to make the environment unsafe Instead using the jute bags everyone can save ocean safe, animals safe, and earth safe.

The advantage of jute bags is overwhelming as jute is a natural fibre, handmade and supports ethical trade.


As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, what makes us unique is 


Our team worked together with a pleasant mind to reach our goal

24/7 service

Back end team where every client gets the solution for their orders and this team as succeeds to satisfy most of our clients

Turn Around Time (TAT)

We have a team who work for our company growth without hesitating to work on turnaround time until the product gets packed and delivered.

Quality check

We have the most experienced team to recognize good and bad were cross-checked every product before it gets packed.

The Promise which we never break.

As we promise the quality of jute bags product, on-time delivery, 24/7 customer support which we and our team never break the promise. 

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